Need a logo?

At Imprenta Club we want to help you find the best options for advertising and printing your business. That’s why we go one step further than printing and we offer you the best options to have a professional logo.

Why should you have a good logo?

The logo is often the first thing a potential client sees of your project. Giving the wrong image can confuse your clients or, even worse, ruin a sale. A logo created by designers is easily distinguishable from one created by yourself or by a relative or acquaintance who understands computers (this is very common).

Tus potenciales clientes no estarán dispuestos a pagar un precio justo por lo que ofreces si notan que no has cuidado los detalles ni con tu propia imagen de marca.

Who can make your logo?

Option 1: Colorbrainer

This agency is the first one that bet on our club and has helped to create this project from day one. But beyond that, they have a team of experts. And that is very important because communication will be more fluid and effective.

They currently have a promotion of close to 60% off.

Option 2: DIWAP

Diwap is a design agency where you can also order a logo on a budget. In addition to the logo they offer additional services such as a corporate image manual or redesign of old logos.

We recommend you visit their logo page to see some of their work and see if they carry the style or essence you have in mind.

Option 3: Freelance designers

The third option is different. In this case the budget works the other way round. You set the price and we find the designer who can do it within your budget.

Just send us a message or fill in the form with your project information. Tell us clearly how much you want to invest in your logo and we will find the best freelance designer among our contacts.

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