Printing books in the United States

Did you know that when printing books in the United States you have a multitude of binding options?

You can choose between Sewn Binding and Perfect Binding, both of which are fantastic. In some instances, Wire-O binding or adding flaps to your softcover books can also be appealing. Oh! And for the cover, there are tons of choices and various types of laminations for both hardcovers and softcovers. So, when you’re ready to print, just decide which format best suits your publishing project. It’s going to look amazing!

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At Printed Club, we’re here to make printing books a dream come true. We rely on the top printers in the club to give you top-notch quality. So if you’re looking for something more than just the cheapest option, you’re in the right place!

Whether you have a thesis, essay, a cookbook with fascinating restaurant stories, or a company wanting to share its story, with us it’s a breeze. Plus, if you want just one copy or many, no problem; we cater to your needs.

Print books with Print Club, direct factory prices

Did you know you can fully customize your book with us? We offer various binding options, covers, paper types, and more. All accessible with just a few clicks on our website at And if at any point you feel lost, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service; they’re always eager to help!

Once everything is set and you submit your design using the instructions we provide, you’ll only have to wait a bit. Shortly after, your book will be delivered to the address you specify. Yes, it’s that simple and fast.

So, if you’re looking for quality and personalized service for book printing, count on Printed Club. And if ever you have questions or concerns, we’re here to assist you every step of the way! Because at Printed Club, book printing is our thing.

Bindings You’ll Love

  1. Perfect Bound: This is the most popular binding method. We use the best adhesive and cutting-edge techniques to ensure durability.
  2. Sewn Binding: If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, this option adds a touch of class. Book enthusiasts can easily spot the quality of your work with this choice.
  3. Hardcover Binding: Hardcovers typically come sewn, and can also feature a headband, which is that small strip of cloth behind the pages, attached to the spine.

Versatile Formats We offer 6 different ones for you to find the perfect fit: A5, A4, 4.3 × 7.1 inches, 6.7 × 9.4 inches, 5.8 × 5.8 inches, and 6.7 × 6.7 inches.

Fabulous Covers We offer three types of covers with different finishes: Classic Demimatt matte coated, Soft Touch with a unique texture, and Classic Gloss glossy coated. Additionally, if you go for the sewn binding, you have added choices and even a cover with flaps.

Details in Book Printing Matter a Lot

  1. Corners: With sewn binding, you can opt for rounded corners.
  2. Paper and Weight: We offer Classic Usomano paper in white or ivory.
  3. Printing: The inside in black and white and covers can be in b/w or in color.
  4. Number of Pages: It depends on your binding type, but we provide a wide range.

Laminated Cover: It’s an essential detail. Choose between a subdued matte finish, a striking glossy look, or the sophisticated Soft Touch with a velvety texture. All add extra durability.

Quality and Price: At Printed Club, we strive to offer the best value for money. We use the most advanced technology and the finest materials without breaking the bank. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Beyond Just Book Printing

While we love printing high-quality books, we also offer options for magazines and catalogs. With various binding types, we cater to your needs, be it a spiral-bound catalog, stapled thin publications, or luxurious books.

Printing has never been so easy and satisfying with Printed Club. We hope to be your choice!